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Tattoos and Moving Forward

Last week, my tattoo #1 turned 2 years old. I’m reminded of its meaning and that of my second tattoo too. This is my tattoo story.

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Thoughts on a Thursday

For someone who loves to write, I have always doubted my┬átalent. Even after dozens of story outlines and hundreds of drabbles, the tendency to question whether I should publish my work or not is still there. Friends encourage me, readers send their praises and I would give in. I would post some online then doubt whispers in my ear again and I’ll take them down. Still, I didn’t stop writing. Notebooks and journals that contain my outlines, drabbles, prompts, story ideas, researched information and random thoughts have piled up. I would start typing up a manuscript or even a one-page synopsis, I’ll keep at it until I wonder whether anyone would be interested it them. Is it because I have a tendency to obsess over my work? Maybe. I am kind of OC over quite a few things. Is it because I fear rejection? That’s possible. There maybe those whose principle was “This is my account/page, I can post whatever

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Afternoon Musings

I haven’t been able to read this week because I’ve been writing a few short stories and working on a book. I have been downloading books from Instafreebie and have a couple of hundred books in my e-reader. I’ll get around to reading them all and writing a review. Eventually. One of the things I like doing when I’m stuck with what I’m writing is to people watch. I am socially awkward and although I try to be approachable, I just can’t hold a conversation long enough. Mostly because I find myself boring with nothing to share. So when I’m in a gathering or around a lot of people, I prefer to… Observe. Most of the time, a new character or a new story will be born while I watch people interact with others. And there are times when a random thought comes to mind. Like today. It’s awe-inspiring to meet, talk to people who have achieved so much. Some,

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Beginnings and Endings

Do we ever get used to losing someone despite telling ourselves that no one ever really stay long enough? Does making yourself believe that the word forever doesn’t really mean forever makes us more ready from the inevitable separation? Do we hurt less and move on faster? Yesterday, I wrote and published the first blog post on this site with a goal of doing something new. With grand plans of how I want things done. Then came the thought if I could keep it up. How many times have you started something but never followed through it until the end? I am guilty of that for many times. There were stories I have written that I never completed because of many reasons with my self-doubt being the biggest factor. Most stories, I have completed but never had the confidence to publish. Then I heard a news that made me reconsider my life. Also yesterday, someone I know have joined our

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