Published: The Trouble With Men

It all started with me ranting to Ate Mayumi about my relationship issues sometime in April. A lot of back and forth later, and us being writers, we came up with the idea of a book. It’s about women dealing with the troublesome men in their lives. By May 1st, we have formed our group SWEET Books with Ruthie, Cathy, Loise, and our resident poet, Chay. Then we started discussing about the anthology. After four months of writing, editing, rewriting and editing, the book is complete. You have no idea how relieved I am now that it’s out. My story went through a lot of revisions. (I have two other versions that the girls didn’t know about 😅) I plan to post the other version but the second one might be too explicit. (proud Team Ache 🙌) I even went through a phase where I doubted myself and wanted to back out. Enough chit-chat! I now present you, (this is

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