Passion Hustles WordPress Design

This is another web design project for Cindy Wong. Passion Hustles WordPress’ design goal is to promote Cindy’s brand coaching business along with her online courses.

What Makes This Mom A Superwoman?

This article is a feature on Maria Korina Bertulfo, CEO and Founder of Filipina Home-based Moms. Learn how she got the chance to live the life she wanted through home-based freelancing. Read about the beginnings of FHMoms and how Mommy MK works hard to give other mothers the same opportunity of working at home. What […]

5 Essential Travel Tips for Introverts

Katie Velez Featured Image Portfolio

Being an introvert does not mean living like a recluse. Introverts can travel too, but our traveling style differs from others. If you’re an introvert and would like to venture on traveling on your own, read the following essential travel tips for introverts.

8Letters Bookstore WordPress Design

This became one of my continuing projects. As the business continues to grow and offer more services, Cindy taps me to develop her expanding network of businesses.